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  SimLex sales Result of Accounting System

Since the new release in January 2013, SimLex has been recognized by many of our customers.
80 % of our customers use SimLex without any further customization.

Thailand Result [54 companies / Accounting Company (30 users)]

Automobile 13 Companies

Trading company(Automotive parts)6 Company / Manufacturing(Automotive parts)1 Company / Manufacturing(Injection moldings)4 Companies / Manufacturing(Automotive electiric parts)1 Company / Manufacturing(Truck parts)1 Company

Electric 12 Companies

Trading company(Electrical components)2 Companies / Manufacturing(Electrical Parts and Mold)1 Company / Manufacturing(Injection moldings)1 Company / Manufacturing(Electrical Parts)2 Companies / Trading company(LED sales) 2 Companies / Manufacturing(Sensor for elevators)1 Company / Manufacturing(Control Panel)1 Company / Trading Company (Electrical Equipment) 1 Company /Manufacturing(Semiconductor inspection equipment)1 Company

Machine 4 Companies

Manufacturing(General-purpose machine casting)1 Company / Manufacturing(Machine)3 Companyies

Chemistry 3 Companies

Manufacturing(Chemicals)1 Company / Trading company(Chemicals)2 Company

Foods 3 Companies

Trading company(Foods)3 Company

Service 9 Companies

Service(Spa)9 Company

Warehouse 1 Company

Logistics(Warehouse)1 Company

Real Estate 1 Company

Real Estate(Mansion Management)1 Company

Accounting Company 2 companies / Accounting Users (30 users)

Accounting Company(Accounting)2 Companies

Other 6 Companies

Manufacturing(Shielding material)1 Company / Manufacturing(Injection moldings)1 Company / Trading company(Compressors)1 Company / Manufacturing(Pumps)1 Company / Manufacturing(Mobile Phone Parts)1 Company / Manufacturing (Pipe) 1 Company

Indonesia Result [8 companies]

Accounting Systems (8 Companies)

Manufacturing (Glass fiber) / Medical (Pharmaceutical and medical services) / Services (Engineering) / Manufacturing (Ballpoint pen) / manufacturing (Automotive rubber parts) / Manufacturing (FIBC) / manufacturing (Automotive parts) /Warehouse(Frozen, Material) 1 Company

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